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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Below you will see a link for each grade level.  This link will open a PDF (which is a specific kind of document that is smaller than a Word document).  In order to open the file you will need Adobe Reader (which is a free program you can download from the Internet).  Most likely, you already have Adobe Reader on your computer.

 The document that will open for each grade level is called the Home-School Connection.  It gives parents and guardians, three pages of resources to go with our new reading series each week.   The first page is a letter explaining the skills for each week.  The next two pages are activities that you can do at home with your child to reinforce the vocabulary words, spelling words, and reading skills for the week.  

 Please use the table of contents to find the appropriate pages for the unit and week your child is currently studying in reading.  Also, please note that the first page for each week is available in two additional languages.  So, to view the three pages of resources for one unit and one week you will need to actually look through five pages because two will be in a different language.

We hope you enjoy the resource.

Your Elementary School Staff


pdf 1st Grade Home School Connection ( pdf, 14.87 MB ) (808 downloads) Popular
pdf 2nd Grade Home School Connection ( pdf, 15.44 MB ) (611 downloads) Popular
pdf 3rd Grade Home School Connection ( pdf, 14.85 MB ) (648 downloads) Popular
pdf 4th Grade Home School Connection ( pdf, 13.69 MB ) (888 downloads) Popular
pdf 5th Grade Home School Connection ( pdf, 14.90 MB ) (961 downloads) Popular
pdf 6th Grade Home School Connection ( pdf, 14.60 MB ) (984 downloads) Popular
pdf Kindergarten Home School Connection ( pdf, 14.21 MB ) (675 downloads) Popular
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