We have a new program that we are using with for the music program this year called Charms. This is an all inclusive program that will allow us to communicate with students and parents more effectively, keep an up to date calendar with all of the practices, rehearsals, and performances for the entire music department.

Each Student has their own individual account that has access to not only their contact info, but to their music trip account which tells how much money that have in their account. This is great because now everyone can check their balance at any point. We also have an online payment system set up that will allow us to take payments for prety much anything online which will make fundraisers, miscellaneous payments, and trip payments that much easier.

Go to the following website and type "northdecaturmusic" into the school code box to see our calendar that is updated daily.


Here are the audition and rehearsal files for the 2014-15 Indiana All-State Choir auditions. The required selection is the "Halleluia, Amen" from Handel's Judas Maccabeus.  (Full chorus; minus voice part)

The following links will give you access to balanced voicings, piano only, voice prominent, etc.

Soprano 1 -
Soprano 2 -

Alto 1 -
Alto 2 -

Tenor 1 -
Tenor 2 -

Bass 1 -
Bass 2 -
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