ipad kidsThe Decatur County Community School's Board of School Trustees has established the following goals for the district:
  • Goal 1: The District will enhance personalized student learning opportunities through the integration of technology and curriculum. This will be accomplished by:
    • The installation of a district-wide wireless infrastructure
    • Implementation of a 1:1 initiative
    • Focused professional training
  • Goal 2: The district will continue to develop methods for effectively communicating building(s)/district achievements and news to all stakeholders.
  • Goal 3: The district will create a prioritized list of facility needs to be used in long-range planning and in determining the timeline for renovation/building projects to meet the education programming needs of its students.
  • Goal 4: Students will be provided a research-based K-12 curriculum that is aligned to the academic standards through:
    • Improved K-12 instructional practices
    • Common assessments
    • Data driven curricular/instructional decision making
    • Vertical and horizontal alignment of the K-12 curriculum
To achieve the goals listed by the Decatur County Community School's Board of School Trustees, the school have established a Technology Committee consisting of the following members:
  • Technology Integration Specialist - Casey Bolton
  • Technology Integration Specialist - Amy Borns
  • Technology Integration Specialist - Dottie Hellmich
  • Technology Integration Specialist - Kristen Ross
  • Director of 1to1 Implementation and Mobile Device Management - Brett Mankin
  • SDHS Teacher - Kelly Fox
  • SDHS Teacher - Brandy Strand
  • NDHS Teacher - Pam Thackery
  • NDHS Teacher - Angela Parmer
  • SDES Teacher - Nicole Stone
  • SDES Teacher - Laura Johnson
  • NDES Teacher - Dave Sell
  • NDES Teacher - Linda Smith
The committee established goals to drive the 1:1 Initiative.  Goals to drive this initiative:
  • Create 21st century learners
  • Increase differentiated learning in the classroom
  • Expand the classroom beyond the school walls
  • Increase access to digital content
Benefits of this initiative:
  • Builds a pathway to college and career readiness for all students
  • Creates high-quality assessments that measure the full range of the Common Core State Standards
  • Supports educators in the classroom
  • Makes better use of technology in assessments
  • Advances accountability at all levels
  • Location